PensionTech Summit Mai 16th and 17th - De BV meerdanCOMMUNICATIE
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PensionTech Summit Mai 16th and 17th

Meet Samenleven @ Pensiontech Summit

This May 16-17 in the Hague is a conference to discuss the technology and efforts to future-proof life-security. There, you can meet the team behind Samenleven, a new venture created by pension experts to develop a crowdfunded village in Rivierenland. Some experts are partner of De BV meerdanCOMMUNICATIE.

The goal is ambitious: can individuals invest in a community that they will retire in? Samenleven is giving individuals the opportunity to invest in the solar panels, transportation, real-estate, and other infrastructure in a community that individuals can move to for their retirement. If you’d like to learn more about this initiative, you can meet them at their booth at the Pensiontech Summit.

Not able to attend the Pensiontech Summit?

Don’t fret! Samenleven is also hosting a community meetup on May 29th in Nijmegen. The exact address, program and a guest will follow soon. Should you for that time have any questions or want to advance something about the subject, do not hesitate to email or call: // +31 20 626 50 64 (René Schalk)